My Design Process

My Design Process


I have an adaptable design process which varies on the scope of each project and each client’s needs. Having a design process allows me to organize my thoughts and tackle each part of the problem, one step at a time.



Survey I survey the client to better understand the business goals, company’s brand identity, and users.

Web Audit For re-design projects, I examine the existing website and take note of any areas for growth or improvement.

                                    Exploration I explore the needs of the users and perform a competitor review.

                                    Brainstorm I sketch out any rough ideas, concepts, and start to form an  actionable plan moving forward.



Personas Craft personas based on the prior research of each type of user

User flows Create user-centered flows to allow for effective and efficient completion of goals.

Lo-Fidelity to High-Fidelity Wireframes I start with a few sketches which are transformed into digital wireframes which can be tested and reviewed for future iterations.



Visual Design I explore visual design patterns and experiment with different color palettes, typography, and styles and I ultimately compile a style tile with each component

High-Fidelity Mockup I apply the visual design patterns that I had  experimented with and apply them to my wireframes. I further refine each component to pixel perfect designs.

                                    UI Kit I consolidate all relevant design components into a UI Kit for later use.



Interactive Prototypes I build an interactive prototype to demonstrate motion, content, and start and end states.

Testing Conduct user testing to identify any gaps existing in the design  and further refine the product to its final state.