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Prints design

The city Hall of Laneuveville was organizing a big event in the context of the Breast Cancer Screening. They asked me to helped them create new attractive prints and to design the banner of their Facebook page advertising the event and of course allowing to raise money for this good cause.


The Challenge

For this event, the city hall had a tight budget and had restrictions for the collateral marketing (small posters, flyers). So with this information,  I had to face two challenges:

- to put all information on a small format by bringing the essential out (date, ambassadress, schedule...)

- not to spend too much time on the project , to stick to the budget.


Designing the visuals

I put together a simple but classic UI kit (above). I chose a bright pink to bring a modern and joyful aspect to the prints and a dynamic font to add some movement.  I wanted to add a little bit of softness so I counterbalanced the flashy pink with a more pale one.  We wanted to convey a strong message with a focus on the importance of the breast cancer screening. Some examples of appropriate imagery can be seen in the UI kit too (above). My client asked a famous French actress to be the ambassadress to the occasion: Brigitte Bardot. During the event, a well-known French painter would paint the portrait of Brigitte Bardot, in live.

With the "branding" figured out, it was time to start working on the Facebook banner. The aim here was to design a clean and simple banner in harmony with the prints'design. We decided that only small changes were necessary as the Facebook page would be pretty light on content. I kept the essential information for the banner : the title, the place, the date and the time of the event.  I decided to change the background a little bit with a circular gradient from white to pale pink (below right).


Poster design

newspaper article

Facebook page


Long-term gains

I was greatly appreciative of the opportunity to work with my client to help build them an informative and beautiful presence. We enjoyed working together during the creative process and we’re all very happy with the result. I know their event was a success and they raised a lot of money for this great cause.